Serving the counties of

Des Moines, Henry, Lee & Louisa


Outpatient Counseling

The outpatient treatment program at Alcohol & Drug Dependency Services offers the following:

  • Assessments
    • OWI Evaluation for Department of Transportation
    • Treatment Level of Care Determination
    • Placement Screening
    • Referral
  • Outpatient Treatment
    • Treatment Planning
    • Individual and Group Therapy
    • Alcohol and Drug Education
    • Co-Dependency Treatment
    • Family Counseling
    • Relapse Treatment
    • Case Management

Click here for a list of evaluation locations and times.

Outpatient Staff Contact Information:

Burlington Office:
Jessica Johnson, IADC, Outpatient Counselor at 319-753-6567 Ext 107 or Email Jessica Here
Mindy Sutak, IADC, Outpatient Counselor at 319-753-6567 Ext 105 or Email Mindy Here
Christa Burrell, ACADC, IADC, Supervising Counselor at 319-753-6567 Ext 106 or Email Christa Here
Nic Foss, MS, IADC, NCGC-II Associate Director for Treatment at 319-753-6567 Ext 118 or Email Nic Here
Lisa Kniffen, IADC, Drug Court, Level II Counselor at 319-753-6567 Ext 108 or Email Lisa Here
Dan Kenel, MS, IADC Executive Director at 319-753-6567 Ext 119 or Email Dan Here
Amy Gerveler, Counselor at 319-753-6567 Ext 104 or Email Amy Here

Keokuk Office:
Tiffanie West-Bennett, tCADC, Outpatient Counselor 319-542-4397 or Email Tiffanie Here

Mt. Pleasant Office:
Kim Kerr, ACADC Outpatient Counselor 319-385-2216 or Email Kim Here

Wapello Office:
Pete Smillie, CADC, Outpatient Counselor 319-523-8436 or Email Pete Here